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Graphic design is a profession. One where the designer creates visual forms of promoting an advertisement of a product, service or an event.

This advertisement can be used in a publication, such as a magazine or on a website or any other means of advertisement requested by a client.

Using a visual (printed) form of advertising or a verbal (radio) form depends on the product you are trying to promote. The complexity of a product would do better with a visual form of advertising.

A graphic design would show and tell the complexity of the product more effectively than the voice on a radio telling about the product. We advertise to inform potential customers of our product and or services and look for the most effective way to do this.

A good graphic designer will look at all aspects of the product or service and listen to the client concerns. What does the client want to do? How does he want to target his potential customers? What are the features of the product? Then the designer proceeds to create the graphic design that most effectively portrays the product. The client now has an effective tool he can market to his target audience.

The art of graphic design is not simply painting or drawing figures. It is considerably more than that. It combines art and technology to convey his client’s message to the public.

For example, if you see a visual advertisement of a mug of coffee with smoky spirals wafting from it. The message is clear, a hot cup of delicious brown coffee. Show and tell. An excellent analogy is ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ Easy to do with graphics. It can’t be done in quite the same way with only words as in verbal advertising.

Typography, the written word, and images are used in combination in graphic design. The result is a more effective way to advertise your product or service. The responsibility of the graphic design belongs to the designer. It is his or her job to grab hold of the client’s target audience.

In a graphic design, logos and symbols are often used as part of the design to represent a businesses or products. TV stations have their own symbol as do many businesses and products. These symbols are to identify that particular product or business and the use of symbols and logos is a universal practice. Before the designer creates the symbol or logo for his client, he must have a clear understanding of his client’s goals, the product, or service to be considered.

The designer will often collaborate with others, such as marketing specialists, when on a graphic design job. These collaborations often include the client, designer, and marketing specialist. The link between all of them is the graphic designer. These collaborations are designed to develop an effective marketing campaign, of the product, and to target a specific group of people. This is the goal of the designer, to find his client’s target audience and submit a successful design and marketing campaign.

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