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Graphic Design – What Is It?

When you want to promote your product or service – what do you do? You need potential customers to become aware of your product or service and you need a way to reach them.

If you have a product that is complicated (or a service), verbal communication may not do it justice.

You could put ads in magazines, or flyers or even newspapers or bulletins. Even promote on the internet – now you are using a form of visual promotions. This is just one form of graphic design. You’ve seen t-shirts with images and other apparel with images, candy wrappers, gum wrappers, advertising on taxicabs in the city, trucks and so forth.

These messages attract the attention of the consumer and entice them to purchase the product or service offered. Each graphic design is gearing the product or service towards its target audience and is specific in its message. These messages usually combine technology and art.

The client is represented by the created image of the graphic design. For example – a cup of coffee and its aroma can be simply appreciated by the graphic design of a cup of brown coffee with swirls of steam rising above it. You can almost smell it and taste it.

Graphic designs can be developed in different ways. They can be painted, drawn, photographically produced and these are just some of the ways. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” says it all.

Graphic designers do use words, but not the same way a writer would use words. The way a designer uses his words is very important to him and used very selectively. His words are used to grab your attention to the product or service. To identify that product or service on a billboard, poster, truck or any other way it would effectively be promoted. Designers are expert in presenting the visual and printed forms of promotion.

Typography, the written word, and images are often combined when a designer wants effective communication of the client’s message. The designer has the responsibility to create a campaign that best suit’s the target audience for potential customers.

Logos and symbols are often used in graphic design. They can be used abstractly in representing a particular identity or idea. For example – the “lion” is a symbol for ING and the “eye” is the CBS symbol. Other symbols or logs may be a combination and often used to identify businesses or products. This is very common. The designer creates the logo or symbol with a clear mind of what the product or business represents.

The client, all too often is too close to the situation, completely opposite of the audience which may be too broad and the link between the two is the graphic designer. The one who works with the client to understand the product or the service. Then they will often collaborate with other marketing specialists to understand the target for a specific product. The result is the communication to that target audience of a successful design campaign.

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